How do I mark a bill or invoice as Paid or hide it from Nook?

If you've made payments outside of Nook, you may notice that sometimes your accounting software hasn't been reconciled. We offer a solution to hide these from Nook to prevent overpayments.

1. Navigate to your bills 'Awaiting Payment'

Remember that if a bill or invoice in your accounting software hasn't been matched to a payment, it will show up as 'Awaiting payment/unpaid' in both your accounting software and Nook

2. Click on the three dots at the end of the bill you wish to 'Mark as paid' and hide from Nook

3. Click on Mark as paid

4. Select the account you used (or any account if not listed)

5. Turn off 'Push to Xero' 

Contact support if you wish to push to Xero so we can talk you through the consequences

6. Click Mark as paid

7. Click on Continue