Roles and Permissions

How do the Nook user roles and permissions work and how do I update them?

What roles and permissions are there in Nook?


The owner role gets the permission of the accounting, finance, payer and payroll roles below. In addition, the owner manages the company settings, that includes the ability to add and reject users, manage their roles and groups, create and delete approval rules, and access to billing and credits.


The finance role gives access to the bank accounts section. The user can add new bank accounts with open banking as well as Nook wallets. The user has visibility of balances and transaction history.


The accounting role gives full rights to invoices, orders and credit notes and the network, including creating and managing payment runs, but Accounting cannot make payment. Accounting has the ability create, edit and invite approvers. Accounting also has visibility of the network and the ability to manage the network, add new contacts and edit those contacts, including bank details.


The payer can pay invoices and orders.


The payroll role gives access to the payroll section of the app. The user can view, create and import payroll runs as well as make payroll payments.


The bookkeeper has full rights to invoices, order and credit notes, including creating and managing payment runs, but only has view access on the network.


All users have the approver role. It does not need to be assigned. The approver role gives the user visibility of invoices, credit notes or orders they have been invited to approve and the ability to approve or reject them


A built in role that is assigned to accounting practice users when they create a new client. It allows visibility of officers, the ability to invite and add new officers, upload documents and track progress towards accessing Nook products 

How do I update roles and permissions?

Head to Company > Team Members and then click on the individual you'd like to change the role for. 

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