How do I get documents into Nook?

Send invoices and other documents via your unique email-intake address

If your suppliers send you invoices via email, you can easily forward them to Nook using your unique intake email address.

Make sure you've added a website to your account in your Settings before starting


1. To find your unique email address click on Add New on the Dashboard 

2. Copy and paste your unique address

3. Forward your invoices

Forward your invoice emails to Nook using this address.

Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 10.00.14


Advanced technique: You can set up most email clients to automatically forward email messages to another account (such as Nook)
Check out the guides below and drop us an email at if you want help to set this up

Gmail guide here
Outlook guide here
Once the documents have been emailed in, you will receive a confirmation e-mail once your invoices have been processed successfully by Nook, and then you will find them in the Drafts section in the Payables navigation.